The plant is fully equipped with modern equipment and testing facilities which enables the manufacturing of various sophisticated grades of steel conforming to national and international standards. Our Engineers keep experimenting with ways and means of producing products, which are superior in quality, reliable in nature, cost effective and meets customers' demanding requirements.


  • Chemical Testing : Specrometer Thermo ARL4460(with CSS & trs) make with 24 channels.
  • Mechanical Testing: Fully computerized Universal testing machine of 40 ton capacity, Brinell/Rockwell, Poldi hardness tester, Impact testing machine and Profile Projector.
  • Metallographic Testing: Metallurgical Microscope and related accessories to evaluate macro and micro-structures.
  • Non-Destructive Testing : Ultrasonic testing machine, Magnetic particle inspection equipment (Yoke Type & Prod Type), Dye Penetrate testing, Pressure testing and radiographic testing etc.
  • Dimensional Inspection: Outside micrometers, Inside micrometers, Cylinder bore gauge, Height guage, Vernier calipers, Tooth Vernier, Combination sets, Digital Degree Protectors, Dial Guage etc.
  • Physical Lab with all testing machines and equipment like Tensile Testing Machine (UTN - 40), Impact Test, Ultrasonic testing Machine, Electronic Hardness Testing equipment, Electronic Surface Finish measurement equipment etc.

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